I'm fit, I train every day, I don't smoke, I don't drink and I eat healthy.

Tania Hartman (35) recently experienced the terrible misfortune of being diagnosed with breast cancer. After a bilateral mastectomy and seven months of chemo therapy, she has survived the worst. According to Tania this was a major mental and physical challenge, one she never intended on experiencing.

Half way through chemo therapy Tania realised cancer had taken control of her life mentally and physically, and she decided it was time to take it back. She began to plan a climb up Kilimanjaro, she wanted to achieve something that was as challenging as cancer and chemo, but it was her choice this time.

Adventure Boot Camp was her way to go in order to become fit and fighting to live her dream of taking her survival to new heights. “It was hard work, but it was worth every drop of sweat, Adventure Boot Camp and Elmarie Labushagne helped give wings to my dream.” 

According to Tania training only with women is a major motivator, you work harder than training in a gym by yourself, but the best part is the friendships you make along the way with ABC.

“Since surviving cancer I have come to know I’m more stubborn and stronger than I realised, besides climbing Mount Kili, I have rafted the Zambezi, swung from a 110m high wire gorge and rode an elephants back, and this is only the beginning. 

My big plan is to climb Aconcagua in the Andes; it’s a climb in aid of Breast Cancer awareness. My aim for this is to raise money for mobile breast units, so it is easier for women without medical aid to receive mammograms and education on self examination” says Tania.

Tania advises many women of all ages to trust your gut, your body tells you when anything is wrong, and always conduct regular examinations.

“For those fellow women who are experiencing chemo therapy, I know it’s a difficult process and you often feel like quitting, but remember those few months of suffering are going to add years to your life.  Never give up hope, pray often and love yourself”

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