Ask any woman if they ever look forward to their period and most, if not all, will say never.

Not only is “that time of the month” an uncontrollable roller coaster ride of emotions for all of us, but the abdominal pains that come with it are a terrible nightmare.

This discussion is long overdue, so we asked some of our readers how they deal with this curse from Mother Nature. 

And while most of you gave us some great tips and remedies, there is the blessed few that say that they have never experienced these pains (lucky things!).

So, here are some of the remedies that our readers came up with.

Mogomotsi: “I take Omega 3-6-9 twice daily and I haven't had them in a while.”

Melanie-ann: “I get on the treadmill. Exercise is the only thing that it works. If I get them in the middle of the night then I put my electric blanket on.” (sic)

Lizzie J: “I have not had those since I became a mother, but before that I used to take ginger slices in boiled water and also placed a hot water bottle on my tummy.”

Sifelani: “I don’t like taking pills so a hot water bottle, coffee and some relaxing music with no company works for me.”

Lerato: “Avoiding caffeine drinks like coffee and coke two works like a dream. I realised at a later stage, late 20s, that I’am anaemic so I experienced worse pains than most. Taking iron supplements has been my champion move.” (sic)

Liezel B: “A walk or a gym session works for me, also a small glass of warmed up sherry does the trick.”

Monique: “Only thing that works for me is good old Mybulen.”

Mariam:   “Try eating garlic cloves”

Farieda:  “Ladies, this is the only time you have an excuse to eat chocolate for the pain and it works, guaranteed.”

Do you suffer from these pains? How do you deal with them? Leave us a comment in the box below.