Modelling scouts are being criticised for recruiting sick girls outside Stockholm’s largest anorexic clinic.

According to reports from The Local, a Swedish newspaper, girls as young as 14 are being approached at the entrance of the country’s biggest clinic, The Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders, where they seek help for their disease.

The centre’s director and chief physician, Anna-Maria af Sandeberg speaks out against the scouts saying their actions are “repugnant.” 

"People have stood outside our clinic and tried to pick up our girls because they know they are very thin,” she says.

Christina Lillman-Ring Borg, Care Coordinator at the Clinic, adds: "It is awful. Part of the disease is that you have a distorted body image, and you get a sudden flattery and a job offer. It does not facilitate the treatment of the disease." (sic)

The scouts are so aggressive that the clinic is now being forced to change its procedures for when patients go for walks outside.

By rewarding these girls with modelling contracts, these scouts are directly approving of their lifestyle and their disease.

The industry is well-known for this sickening practice and according to a survey conducted by Model Alliance, 64% of models say they have been asked by their agencies to lose weight, and 31%  admit to suffering from an eating disorder.

Recently, Women24 applauded a Swedish department store for using realistic-sized mannequins to model their clothes. This seems like one giant step backwards.

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Scouting for models outside a clinic is...