These days our daily diets include far too much simple carbohydrates and not enough fibre to safeguard our digestive health.

Grains and seeds are a great source of natural vitamins, protein, fibre and antioxidants.It’s not difficult and experimenting with these new tastes and textures can be a whole of fun too.

Increasing your fibre and thus nutritional intake using seeds and grains, can be as easy as switching out a few of your usual overly-refined ingredients or adding an extra ingredient or two.


These seeds include: Roasted Sunflower Seeds; Sunflower Kernels; Pumpkin Seeds; Omega Seed Mix; Poppy Seed Mix; Golden Flax Seed/Linseed;  Quinoa (keen-wah), and Sesame Seed.

- Most seeds are high energy sources of heart-healthy fats and powerful minerals – so do use them sparingly because high energy means high-calorie.

- These seeds can easily be included in your diet. All the mentioned seeds can easily be added ‘as is’ to salads, yoghurt, smoothies or cooked into your baked goods, stir fries and casseroles.


These seeds include: Crushed Wheat; Whole Wheat Couscous; Couscous; and Bulgar Wheat.

Grains are the “fruits” of plants that fall into the grass species and are typically high in fibre, selenium, magnesium and potassium, and a good source of carbohydrates.

Cooking with these products is simpler than you’d think.

- Crushed wheat for instance can be cooked and used as a base, like rice, and readily included in breads and baked dished.

- Couscous and whole wheat couscous make similarly good bases as well as tasty side dishes and are effortless to cook as the main or an additional ingredient in salads.

- Bulgar wheat is a quick-cooking form of cleaned, parboiled and roughly ground whole wheat, and is a delicious ingredient in pilaf, soups, baked goods, stuffing and casseroles.

"Incorporating seeds and grains into your diet will give you the fibre boost you need, along with a broad spectrum of additional nutrients that your body will thank you for,” says Justine Pearl of Pouyoukas Foods.

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