Okay, you got me. I hate exercise. There is just something about watching your fat wobble from a weird angle that puts me off. That and my inability to put down the huge bag of chips that manages to make its way to my mouth without fail. EVERY. TIME.

But, while I have so much obvious reservations about working out in a public gym, I have been known to pull a few moves - or should I say hamstrings - in the comfort of my living room.

Either way, I find it much more fun to watch someone else workout. No, I don’t mean some hot male specimen with glistening biceps. I mean the I-know-what-I’m-doing newbies who always seem to land themselves in compromising situations.

Some of these gifs are really funny, we just hope no-one got seriously hurt.

Why no, I don't think this treadmill is set too high. Why do you ask?

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Facepalm. This is what NOT to do when trying too impress your hot neighbour

Nick found the conventional way of running too boring. So, he started running with his face, arms and hips instead.

Of course this small, lonely rod suspended between two pillars can support my weight! Duh...

"Its getting hot in here, so let's take off all our clothes. I am getting so hot, I'm gonna tear my pants off..."

Tinkerbell thought she would get back at her owner by pushing a TV on his head. What a cruel, cruel kitty.

I think this trampoline looks stylish with a huge hole in the middle. It's so hipster don't you think?

Ag shame man. I hope she didn't get hurt.

Ah...if a walrus can find the time to workout, none of us have an excuse anymore.


*Bursts out in tears*

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