There’s this big hoo-ha surrounding The Bachelor’s bachelor claiming he’s a born-again virgin. Rightly so, if you ask me. Come again…born-again what?

Firstly, this whole concept of men being virgins, well I don’t agree with that. But that’s just me. Wait, before you get all angry and call me sexist or whatever, the dictionary is on your side: “a person, typically a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse”.

I do like the “typically a woman” part though because face it, men don’t have anything to lose when they have sex. Women have hymens. Ouch.

But anyway, I’m not here to debate if men can be virgins. I do however want to point and laugh at any one who calls themselves a born-again virgin. Can I, please?

How it works is after you’ve had sex, you repent and decide to never, ever, ever do it again until the day you get married, thus rewriting history to suit your life…which some, including me, would now call – a lie.

I feel sorry for the poor sod who by his/her own doing has to live without sex but hey, to each their own, their own…HAND in a born-again virgin’s case. Haha.

What I don’t like is that virginity is so hyped up that women go through hymen reconstruction surgery to avoid being abused or worse, killed!

Really, come on now, it is a piece of skin.

But let’s leave the religious fanatics alone for today and focus on the beauty queens who decide to do it because, well, they can.

Are you that shallow, or worse, that dishonest? Are you really going to lie there in bed and tell the person next to you that you’re still a virgin and ask them to be gentle? That’s the way to start a relationship, you go girl!

Seriously, why do it? When, where and how you lost your virginity is part of who you are. It might have been one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had or the worst but it happened and a fake hymen can’t erase that.

Lying about it won’t help either, you’ll know this isn’t REALLY your first time and I can’t help but think a normal person would feel a little guilty about misleading their lover. But then again maybe a normal person would be happy to leave their hymen where they lost it.

Come on ladies. There are women who NEED to have this surgery because they live in cultures where they are treated as second rate citizens, where they are no better than dogs and one misstep leads to the back of a hand or worse.

Let’s work towards raising awareness about these atrocities. Faking your virginity because you think it is somehow better is putting way too much importance on something you can lose while riding a horse.

Again, we the women, have the power to stand up against men and religious and cultural practises that harm us. But in the same breath, we also have the power to harm each other.

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