Two years ago I decided to start ABC Adventure Bootcamp. This meant getting up at 5:30AM every second morning to attend my 3-times a week 6-AMer class. Come rain or shine, I was there.

It started out really tough, especially since I’d been guilty of committing to a yo-yo fitness routine – getting semi-fit for a few months and then stopping all together for another few months. Not good.

And however much I loved bootcamp, I was ready to try something new after a year. (It has been this way my whole life. I’ve done gymnastics, swimming, synchronised swimming, hockey, netball, tennis, Taekwondo,  short-distance running, Kundalini yoga…and the list goes on)

So I went in search of 'the one'...

Krav Maga

This Israeli fighting technique might leave you with a few bruises after the first class already. They go all in – that applies to both the fitness and the fighting bit. Not the best place to start if you’re very unfit, but definitely try this if you’re keen to learn the skills necessary to fuck someone up (like a predator, of course).


I only did one class – but I’m sure this will make you fit as hell (I was dripping after 10 minutes) and it will teach you some very important skills to keep you safe in any situation. Yes, even if you’re petite, you’ll be able to use these skills to fight off a big dude.


The fighting bit was hectic for me, I must say. I love contact sports, but since Krav Maga wants to build your muscle memory, the fighting taught in class is not necessarily ‘play fighting’ – it’s real. This is so you train your mind and body to always respond immediately when there’s a threat. A bit much for me as I wanted to do general fitness and not necessarily become a street fighter.

Go here to sign up.

Switch Playground

Think of a club (so lights, DJ, music pumping, some moody smoke), add a bunch of different stations, then add yourself sweating (dry heaving almost) and a bunch of very enthusiastic trainers (often shirtless boys).


This really makes fitness fun; it’s a good way to start the day for sure - so go do morning classes.


It’s too expensive – but sign up for a class every so often, it'll make for a nice change of pace from your normal routine.

Go and sign up here.


This has been one fitness craze that just hasn’t died down. People are obsessed! So I tried it for myself for a month – and it is truly awesome!

It’s tough on the body though since you use so many weights and generally work your bod to the max during class (I worked muscles I seriously didn’t knew I had!) – it’s definitely not for the delicate amongst us.


You’ll get fit and see results very quickly. If you go regularly you’ll get the body of your dreams for sure as it’s so great for toning. The people are also really cool, and it becomes like a bit of a community. Not cult, don't worry. Community.


It’s also very expensive. Over R1000 a month is a bit tight for my budget.

Sign up here!


I’ve always wanted to do boxing, and after trying Taekwondo in university I knew I loved kicking more than punching. So kickboxing seemed a natural fit.

My first class, like most gyms/clubs was free of charge – which is really great when you're still weighing your options.

After my first class I was elated. This was 100% what I wanted and needed.

Saying that, it still doesn’t mean I jump for joy every time I have to go to class. Mainly because I'm already dreading how knackered I'll soon be.


I feel like this is going to make me fitter than anything I’ve ever done. It feels like military fitness. But the kicking and sparring bits are seriously so much fun and I feel this class will keep on challenging me - which is very important to me, who changes fitness regimes almost as often as I put petrol in my car.

Plus it’s R500 per month for twice a week – ideal!


I already hurt myself in my third class – kicking someone's knee with my shin – kak sore. But the challenge for me now is to constantly adjust, take it slow and learn from my mistakes – i.e. learn how not to hurt myself.

Go and sign up to fight the good fight here.

Twenty Four at Virgin Active

This is a fabulous class for beginners who are keen to get fit. And don’t get me wrong – when I say beginners I don’t mean this is a breeze by any means. Hell no. But it’s a class where you can go at your own pace really, so beginners will really benefit from doing these basic exercises. 24 minutes, 24 exercises.


It’s always a bit different which means it stays fresh, and it’s really a great workout that you can do if you don’t have lots of time.


You, of course, need a gym membership to take advantage of this – but I’d say there are really no cons to this class. Best class I’ve taken at Virgin for sure.

Sign up to Virgin here.

So, can you guess which one I chose? Kickboxing!