Mohau La-Donna Kapa: Sleeping with my boyfriend is a total deal breaker

Marie du Plooy: a friend who is only a friend when she wants something from me, or just knows me when she wants me to do her a favour and otherwise I'm forgotten. Friendship comes from both sides.

Kirsten Köpke:
If she had to get with one of my ex-boyfriends!!!! I could NEVER trust her ever again!!!!

Tracy Stclair: Flirting with my husband is a no go!

Isabella Nel: Any in relationship TRUST is a big thing. I will break up with a friend if they destroy that trust - it could be kissing your boyfriend or husband, or lying to you.

Tammy Bates Mustoe: I think that if you are a true friend you can honestly work through anything, a true friend is a friend for life. I have a few and treasure them dearly and have made it over many obstacles together.

Karen Du Preez: Breaking the trust we have because, for me, that is the cornerstone of friendship!

Nicolene Small: If a friend can not allow me to be happy with what I have because they 'think' I can do better. Even if they have no idea what I have

Geeta Lalloo:
Trust would be the most important trait. Cannot be with someone that puts you down no matter what you do.

And the winner is…
Halimah Abdool-Ayob: If they constantly put you down but with a smile, that's not healthy. Pushing you around is another

Why would you break up with your best friend?