In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith says at the end "It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it."

Well, no offence,Thomas Jefferson and Will Smith - but I beg to differ. We don't have to delay our happiness. We can be happy right now if we choose to be. Happiness is not a destination... it's a way of life! So, if you're feeling stuck, here are 14 ways to inspire you how to live a happy life.

1. Remember, you only have one life
You have one chance to create a beautiful and fulfilling life. Don't waste all the precious time you have been given. Instead, use it to make a difference, not just your own life, but others' lives as well.

2. Love and accept yourself as you are

Take care of yourself and do things for you and not to impress other people. Remember, you are unique. We all have flaws but it's what makes you special! Pay more attention to the good things about you, use your talents and be true to yourself.

3. Always look on the bright side
Think positive! It's easy to be negative, I know, but the effort you make now to become a more positive person will pay off dividends and make a huge difference in your life experience.

4. Don't be jealous, be inspired!

Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember it's all relative - you don't know their journey, so why feel the need to be controlled by it? Celebrate others' happiness, it's way better to feel happy for someone than to be bitter about it. The energy and brain space it takes to be jealous is simply not worth it.

5. Don't take yourself so seriously
Just go with the flow. Take it easy. Let things be. The Universe has plans for all of us and it's up to us to trust that it will unfold as it is meant to. Remember to laugh at yourself every now and then.

If you feel offended by something someone said, remind yourself that offence cannot be given, only taken. So don't take offence, don't take it so seriously - after all, it's just one person's opinion. Let it go and move on.

6. Fake it till you make it!

When it comes to positivity, it's okay to fake a smile until you are really smiling from the inside! No one likes a "Betty Bad luck" - keep smiling and you will attract more happiness into your life.

It takes less muscles to smile than to frown, and haven't you noticed the people who smile a lot look a lot younger than they actually are?

7. Find a hobby or dream - do something you love
Working towards your future, and pursuing your dreams and goals is a powerful way to keep you going in the present. It's a great way to become your own person and merely take a time out for yourself!

Don't be too concerned about your achievements right now, just keep your eye on your goal. Remember, it's all about consistent persistence, taking baby steps in the right direction.

8. Be grateful
This is a surefire way to remind yourself how lucky you are. Count your blessings and you will receive more! When something good happens in your life, no matter how small - always remember to say “Thank You”.

9. Stop worrying so much
Everything will be okay. Everything is okay right now, isn't it? Why worry about things that haven't happened yet, or things that have already happened? All that matters is what's happening right now. Know that you have the power to change how you feel and deal with situations in your life.

10. Find true friends

Find the ones you don't need to impress all the time. It can be very tiring to keep up with friends you don't like. Find ones who love you and accept you for who you are, not what you have or what you do.

11. Take time out – me-time
Sometimes it's okay to be selfish. After all, it starts with you, doesn't it? If you are not happy, how can you expect to make others happy? Do something you love - take time out. When you're in a relationship, don't ever be afraid to ask for me-time.

12. Don't be afraid to take responsibility
When you take responsibility for things - even the things that go wrong, it can be a real relief, a weight off your shoulders. Not only that, but people will respect you, and even trust you, more.

There's something endearing about someone who can admit when they are wrong. So go on, swallow your pride and be the bigger person.

13. Be kind
The fastest way to feel better about yourself is to be kind to others, to nature, to all creatures! Be of service, help others in need and trust me, it's the greatest reward you could give yourself. There is no greater feeling than helping another being. It's the most self-less "selfish" act you can do.

14. Don't lose your inner child
Reflect and remember what you loved doing as a child and find a way to incorporate it into your life. When you look at a child, notice how they perform those activities and play with their 100%. Give your 100% in everything you do too!

About Raylene Samuels
My name is Raylene Harvey and I am the founder of inspirational website My mission is to embrace the enchanting moments in my life and become the person I'm truly meant to be. I believe that we create our own destiny and must never underestimate the power of our thoughts and intentions because the Universe is listening. Connect with me on Twitter @RayleneSongbird