Serve yourself
In other words, be selfish.  Choose to indulge time and energy on things that bring YOU joy and YOU happiness. Start basing some of your decisions and actions on your OWN wants, needs and desires, instead of those of others.

Serving yourself can be as dramatic as spending a full day, relaxing at a spa; or as inconspicuous as merely saying no

Prioritise your health and wellbeing
Self-care is important to your wellbeing and should never be ignored or treated with contempt. Respecting your body – mentally, physically and spiritually – will enhance your sense of wellness and can be anything from committing to a routine medical exam; to investing in sunblock; to exercise; to good nutrition; to rest and even to relaxation.

Finding pleasure

Experiencing joy and contentment is all about taking pleasure and appreciating the ‘smaller’ things of – and in – your life. Being thankful, for instance, is an instant uplifter and you can easily enjoy the merits of showing gratitude by simply becoming aware.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee, the beauty of nature, the security of love, the sound of laughter… it only takes a moment.

Count your blessings

Similarly to the way finding pleasure (above) brings joy, so too does reflecting on the many good things in your life. Remember when Oprah's gratitude journal was all the rage? Well, writing down things that you're thankful about every day makes counting your blessings a regular habit. It's easy to do. Just think about all the privileges you should be happy about, like having a job, good health, a safe home and a wonderful family…

It’s easy to brood over things that you don’t have – learn to muse over that which you do have. And realise the value of gratitude.

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