1.    I resolve to… Become a conscious shopper
For some people, losing weight may be as easy as watching what they buy at the supermarket when shopping for groceries.

Choosing low-fat dairies, lean meats, avoiding the sweets aisle and reading labels are all habits of the lean and healthy!

2.    I resolve to… Do more for myself
Making time for yourself may seem selfish – especially if you’re used to putting everyone else’s needs before your own – but the rewards are substantial! Apart from lowering blood pressure, stress levels and the risk for heart disease, engaging in an activity that you enjoy is also calming and revitalizing.

3.    I resolve to… Improve my posture
Walking tall not only boosts confidence and makes you appear slimmer, but if you perfect a good posture while you’re still young and nimble, you’re less likely to develop back pain later on in life.

If you spend most of your days slouching behind a desk, then try this SIMPLE move:

•    Roll your shoulders back and then down (they should be straight),
•    Rest your back against your chair,
•    Avoid leaning too far forward (if you have to reach out to get to your keyboard, then rather get a technician to move your pc a tad bit closer),
•    Align your knees and hips.

4.    I resolve to… Acknowledge compliments
No, everyone is NOT out to get you. Many women are guilty of dejecting or dismissing kind words which, over time, can damage self-esteem and lower your morale or body confidence levels.

Next time someone tells you that your hair is looking great, simply smile, thank them and bask in it!

5.    I resolve to… Be more active
If committing to a gruelling exercise regime is too much for you to handle right now, don’t beat yourself up about it. Working out, after all, needn’t require a pricey gym membership or hours of sweating it out to a tedious Tae-Bo fitness dvd.

Get your blood pumping with small but significant changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator; walking to the shop instead of taking your car; or parking at the far end of the lot instead of in front of the entrance to the mall. This way, being active forms part of your lifestyle.

Have you made any resolutions for 2011? Share them with us.