Last month, 14 year old school girl Malala Yousafzai was shot and seriously injured by Taliban militants in Pakistan.

She had been specifically targeted for taking a public stand for girls’ education.

After much medical treatment, Malala is thankfully in recovery, but her plight and her brave stance have inspired the world, and the Global Campaign for Education is asking you for your support to ensure girls across Pakistan get their right to education.

Asking President Zardari now to demand action for girls in Pakistan

Over 5 million primary school-aged children are out of school in Pakistan, and 63% of them are girls. While the Pakistan government has legislated for education for all, education remains drastically under-funded and under-prioritised.

Working with the Pakistan Coalition for Education, the petitions signed will be sent to the President of Pakistan and demand:

•    That all girls and boys must have secured the fulfilment of their right to education

•    Attacks on girls' education, burning of schools, threatening girl students and teachers should be condemned and effectively countered by the government

•    To give priority to providing missing facilities in girls' schools, and enhance security and safety of girl students and teachers

•    To meet the national commitment of increasing the allocation to education to 4% of the GDP and raise it to 7% by 2015 as promised in National Education Policy 2009.

The UN Special Envoy for Global Education started a petition called the  ‘I Am Malala’ petition.
The petition was handed directly to President Zardari on 10 November by the UN Special Envoy, Gordon Brown.

You can show your support for this initiative by visiting their Facebook page or follow the group on Twitter.