WARNING: Disturbing content

Jane Svoboda spoke at a council meeting in Lincoln Nebraska and her over-the-top anti-gay rant caused headlines. She claimed, among other things that "P.E.N.I.S insertion causes intestinal ruptures" and that Judas was a homo because he betrayed Jesus with a kiss. She is also very worried about gay men’s supposed obsession with watching people "perish".

When I first saw the video it was obvious that the lady was crazy. But crazy in a conservative political crazy way. Sadly, it turns out Svoboda is actually a diagnosed schizophrenic who lives in assisted care and that her rant was as a result of severe mental illness.

Weirdly Jane is a registered lobbyist and regularly speaks at open mic sessions and is allowed to hand out flyers. She's known as the Crazy Blue Lady. So why does the Republican Party allow schizophrenics to speak for them?

Makes you wonder about America and how intense a political debate has become if an actual mental patient sounds like the right-wing opposition.

What do you think? Should people with diagnosed mental illnesses like schizophrenia be allowed to lobby?