Spas have increased in existence and popularity. Not only do they provide an opportunity to escape the pressures of daily activities, they allow one to awaken ones spirit whilst rejuvenating the body and the mind. These moments of escapism have become ever more valuable, leading to a significant increase in the number and quality of Spas, including their diversity.

The term 'spa', which is widely used in all the major centres throughout the world, is now reaching even the most remote areas on the four corners of globe. But what does this three-letter word actually represent? And how does one actually definite it?

'S.P.A' stands for Sanitas Per Aquas, which literally means health through water. Yet when one looks at what they symbolise, they are defined as so much more. The term spa marries the two concepts of beauty and well-being. Where the idea behind a spa is to offer individuals complete relaxation, renewed vitality and a dream-like experience. It is synonymous with an aesthetic and hedonistic approach to well-being, where the body is pampered and the spirit is refreshed in the domain of this new style of living, where time is sacrificed for one's physical well-being and equilibrium.

With this in mind there are many different types of spas available, and in order to help you differentiate between them, we have asked the Spa experts, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques to define them for you.

Day Spas: A Spa offering a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day use basis.

Safari Spa: A spa within a game lodge providing professionally administered spa services and wellness components, such as a spa cuisine menu choices

Resort / Hotel Spa: A spa within a resort, hotel or guest-house (or other hotel-type facility) providing professionally administered spa services, fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices Resort/hotel type spas must have at least 2 water treatment facilities and individual wet and dry treatment areas, separate to the main resort/hotel facilities.

Destination Spa: A Spa whose sole purpose is to provide guests with lifestyle improvement and health enhancement through professionally administered spa services, physical fitness, spa cuisine exclusively served, educational programming, and on-site accommodations. Dedicated destination spas include health hydros, wellness centres, city spas and any other spa facilities that exist for the sole purpose of providing spa treatments, whilst offering accommodation to guests.

Unique Spa Concept: A unique spa concept, such as an African spa experience, Thai spa, themed spa or similar spa concept. Therapists must administer a professional spa service, but may be trained internationally or on-site. Wellness components, including a spa cuisine menu choice and 2 water treatment facilities are required.

Medi-Spa / Anti-ageing Centre: A 'Medi-Spa, Medical Spa or Anti-ageing Centre' as defined by the International SPA Association is: "an institution whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical, aesthetic and wellness care in an environment which integrates spa services as well as conventional and complementary therapies and treatments."

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