It’s never an easy task to let go. Whether it be a failed relationship or an old jersey that sits just right. Whatever it may be letting go for us humans can be the most challenging thing to do. It takes an act of courage and faith.

In our wanting more for our lives and accomplishing those goals we first have to let go and make space for the new. Knowing which things these are that need release can be the first obstacle to our journey of freedom.

Letting go of toxins

These toxic things can be old friends who no longer agree with us and who always have a comment or snide remark about something we’d like to achieve. It could be the past popping up every so now and then to whisper that you are not worth all this newfound happiness. And it could also be those nasty habits we’ve picked up along the way that drives you to the corner of Insanity and Paranoia Streets.

Our first step to knowing what these things are should be admitting to ourselves that this is no longer good for me and I need to get rid of it. That in itself is a release. Looking at what you currently have and knowing that if you do not give up the old can lead you to lose the new, should be motivation enough for you to want more. We then need to face our fears head-on and find the courage and strength to let them know we no longer need their services.

Soulful Detox

In writing we are allowed to truly express our innermost feelings and inadequacies. We are neither judged nor condemned for what we feel. And we are allowed to speak freely.

Previously we have started writing about those things that we are grateful for, now we will be writing all those things we want to release. Those things that are holding us back from being who we truly are. Those things that no longer serve us and are there only to keep us locked up with a straight jacket.

The road to recovery

Start with the small things. From that time when you were in grade three and that nasty boy took your juice and hurt you, it’s time to let that go. Or when those girls from high school made fun of your hair and socks and left you feeling like an outcast. It’s time to let that go and release yourself from every wrong or bad thing that was ever done to you. Before you know it, you would have filled a few pages and will be feeling exhausted. Who knew holding onto the past could tire you out so much?

Place all these papers in a bottle and seal it with your love, throwing it far into the ocean. Wish it good luck on its journey and promise yourself never to go down that road again. You deserve better and will open yourself to new and fun opportunities that await now you.

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