All of us indulge in certain guilty pleasures, yet we deny it or refuse to even engage in discussions about it. For some it may be going to certain places which we would not want to be seen at, some smoke substances, some even snort happy dust. I am not saying this is right or acceptable, but we do it in the shadows, hoping the rest of the world does not see. It is also one of the major problems of our society. Infidelity, Drugs, Abuse,

Psychological Issues etc are all prevalent in society, yet we pretend it won’t happen to us, because we an elite lot of people. The untouchable! We are truly jaded!

Many parents avoid talking about love, sex, relation, condoms to their child; the scariest part is that our teens are looking elsewhere for information. 'Elsewhere' may not be the best of places. The information may not be the most honest or reliable, What then?
We see and hear many young adults frustrated about life. They take wrong steps that are frowned upon by older folk, some resort to extreme measures. If we maintain an open and approachable attitude, we could possibly assist them from falling down the pit. They become addicted to vices; sometimes the parents are the last to know. We can’t expect schools to teach our children, and we definitely cannot rely on media.

Sex education is also not a solution in schools. Solution is us parents, we should change ourselves and the way we approach certain “taboo” issues. One thing is very important that we have to guide our children on the battle fields of life. If it means us discussing SEX (yes! SEX) in order to save our children from rapidly growing pornographic elements that teach wrong sexual experiments on body and mind! Then so be it!

Every parent should have a fair idea of their child's maturity level, and from there be able to assess how to address the topic. It is a sensitive issue, so of course, without sounding like a Jerry Springer show; one has to discuss it with maturity and respect.

The more open and educated parents are, the more easy they can teach and guide their kids. I think only the parents have the honesty to solve confusions from their child’s mind.

Isn't the truth the key of light.

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