January has the perfect timing and right on cue it comes knocking with goals, dreams and standards. With pen and paper in hand it waits for you to start mapping out your life for the next twelve months.

This year I have decided to put my affirmations into action. I have never felt a need for positive thinking before and could never understand why people follow this thinking, but now I get it. We are what we think and we become our thoughts therefore it’s in our best interest to choose the right thoughts.

Every morning before I get out of bed, I now close my eyes, and not to go back to sleep, but to visualise and endorse my affirmations. I am open to serendipity and even though January has just begun, the surprises that have happened have simply blown my mind. I never knew it could be so simple. I am eagerly anticipating each day to see what beautiful surprise awaits me just like a worker receiving his first bonus.

Choosing those things that we believe would make us happier needs lots of meditation and faith. We may think that we need things but in reality it’s actually a want. Upon deciding on which way to go, I found myself having to re-evaluate and rewrite my affirmations until I was all out of words. Finally and with no more pen and paper left, I decided that I would let God choose for me.

I figured that He knows me well enough and his number one path was for me to open myself up to possibilities and to expect the unexpected. ‘Okay God, I trust Your judgement; let’s do this.’ So via a friend who chose the word Serendipity and offered to share it, I decided I would make it mine as well. And here we are, open to surprises.

Penning down the next few affirmations followed easily and I have four or five that I say every morning. At the end of each day I am smiling because adding my surprises to my grateful jar is so much fun. I date each small piece of paper so that on one sunny day in December I will grab a glass of the finest wine and take a look back at how amazing this year has been; all because I had decided that it would be. So for now and moving forward I will no longer slog and over work myself to achieve goals and dreams. Now it’s full steam ahead to Awesomeville where I am the mayor and the only resident. I need not make anyone else happy except myself and God.

Here’s to a surprisingly remarkable and unforgettable year.

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