Linda Stupart tweeted and took a screenshot of a conversation that appeared between two writers on Facebook.

It quickly went viral:

Duduzile Zozo, raped & murdered this mnth because she is gay @FHMSouthAfrica writers are joking about corrective rape

Brutal sex crimes is a daily reality in South Africa. The hate crimes perpetrated against lesbians have left our country reeling.

Which is why so many people on Twitter were outraged by the following statements which appeared on FB by two staff writers for FHM, Max Barashenkov and Montle Moorosi:

The thread didn’t stop here. The writers and other commenters continued in the same unapologetic way.

Follow Twitter to see the story unfold.

FHM responded officially on Twitter:

The private FB comments made by Max & Montle are indefensible. FHM is taking immediate disciplinary action.

Click here to see what FHM's editor has to say about the matter.