Everybody feels a bit ambivalent about the festive season, right? Sure you get to have a holiday, but with all the spending, the cooking, the kids being at home, and the general family craziness, you sometimes end up more tired than you were BEFORE your big break. 

Because we love you, we've compiled The Ultimate Festive Season Survival Guide. You can thank us by sending cash and leftover puddings in the mail.

Seasonal freak out 1: The inevitable weight gain

You are going to drink more and eat more over the festive season. I say BIG DEAL. You're going to gain a few kilos, so what? What's the point in slaving away through the year if you can't enjoy the resting bit? I'm going to eat, drink, sleep and read. But for those of you who have worked hard and will be damned to see everything go South here are a few tips:

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Seasonal freak out 2: Overspending

Christmas, Hannukah and the December holidays are enough to bankrupt even the most financially savvy among us. To avoid spending January indoors, with 2min noodles and tapwater, you might want to have a look at these budgeting and saving tips:

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Seasonal freak out 3: Housework and cooking

December is the time for friends, family and fun. All too often this translates to serious slave time for the woman-of-the-house. I'm a firm believer in the saying: "When all else fails, lower your standards." Just like that a meat and 2 veg dinner can turn into a cheese sarmie and bath times can be replaced by dips in the pool. Here are some easy dinners, Christmas recipes and housework cheats:

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Seasonal freak out 4: I am going stark, raving mad!
I read somewhere once that suicide figures, depression and anxiety often go up during the Christmas season. From personal experience I know that blood pressure and irritation with your mother also goes up, as sense of humours and filial love goes down. Don't start a family feud this year. Your family might be a bunch of nutters, but it's the only family you have. And remember, you don't have to spend your entire holiday with them.

The serious stuff:
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The bright side of crazy:

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Seasonal freak out 5: Skin, beauty, and fashion disasters
I don't know about you, but in my festive fantasies I always see myself with shiny hair, great skin and wearing gorgeous summer dresses. I am groomed to the max (because I'll have all this time you see) so my feet and hands will be perfect, my makeup will be subtle and glowing, my skin will be blushing from the carefully applied selftan, and I'd be moisturised from top-to-toe.

The reality is that I walk around for most of the holiday with half-dirty hair gone a bit grassy from sea salt, unattractive sunburnt skin, hard heels from walking barefoot and chipped nailpolish because I can't be bothered to buy nailpolish remover to get rid of the hideous coral I painted on my nails. But this year will be different. I wish I could start doing these things NOW:

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Seasonal freak out 6: Safety and healthcare worries
Malaria, sunburn, bilharzia, food poisoning, alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, road accidents... Don't let these and other stupid mistakes ruin your holiday.

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Seasonal freak out 7: How to keep the kids busy?
Repeat after me: It's okay to let your children watch DVDs and play on the Xbox/ Playstation/ Wii every now and then. Seriously, there is no such thing as square eyes and it takes YEARS of neglect to turn kids into badly adjusted little freaks. I'm kidding. I'm just kidding. Here are some awesome ideas to keep them busy and you'll also win your own Parent of the Year Award.

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Kids Christmas craft ideas:

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Seasonal freak out 8: We never have sex!
Holiday sex is the best. Whether it's long, lazy afternoon delight or an adrenaline-filled quickie in the outside shower, take this time show your partner how much you want them. Sneak off, take the knob off the door or wake him up in the middle of the night. It's not like either of you have to go to work the next day. Sex is also an awesome stress reliever, so time your Christmas turkey so that you'll have time to get all trussed and stuffed too.

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Do you have more tips and tricks for surviving Christmas? Come on, it's the season of giving. Share them with the sisterhood.