Even the most “informative or passive” articles which try to promote understanding and respect for all beliefs; get hate-filled comments.

We get remarks from people, who have become “experts” and self appointed “guru’s” on Islam. People need to use logic and rationality; before they go off on a spin. We were not given a brain and thinking power for no reason. The generalisation and stereotyping of all is what causes issues in the first place.

When some Muslim extremists carry out certain things, we have those who pull out their very large paintbrushes and start painting “the entire faith” with the actions of these extremists. These so called experts, will then tie this up with verses in the Quraan, which I might add; they have probably taken out of context, and label this as the “Islam” they want you to see and believe. Islam is "violent," “we hate all non-Muslims”, “not a religion of peace”??? 

What about the majority Muslims, who live peacefully and work hard, contribute to societies, vote, and pay taxes. What about the majority of institutions, like Gift of the Givers, SANZAF in South Africa who go out of their way to help fellow people, irrespective of race, colour or religion. Oh I forgot, my articles are a PR stunt?


Majority of Muslims condemn violence, terrorism and all the inhumane atrocities which occur across the board. What’s even more laughable, I was asked if I am afraid for my life, would I be hunted down for promoting understanding in Islam.

“No violent extremist has come looking for me, demanding my blood; no Muslim has ever threatened me in any way, maybe disagreed with me, but never asked for my head on a platter”

In the bigger scheme of things, I am probably a little voice, but at least I have voice. So you see in every race, religion and nationality, you will get your share of good and bad people.

Thankfully the majority is good and want good for all. The unfortunate part is that some people who stir up the brew of hatred; do not understand the difference between hate statements and facts.

There have been so many cases of violence and terrorism, and it still continues today. From ethnic cleansing/ genocide to inter-racial hatred; from Protestants to Catholics fighting, on this planet.

From Tibet to Rwanda, Congo to the Holocaust even American History has a trial of blood; NOT ALL ISLAM - ORIGINATED.

Add to this the litany of cultural horrors that not only Muslims but other religions, such as child marriages; female genital mutilation, and "honour killings," yet those horrible practices are unfairly projected upon Islam only. WHY?

If one were to judge countries by the actions of criminals, then you and I would be considered to the rest of the world as criminals as well. South Africa will be viewed as a terrible place, women haters, and full of murderers, rapists, thieves and thugs. But, everyone knows and understands that South Africa is not defined by the actions of its criminals, the majority of us are good people.

So when you chose to analyse ISLAM and all Muslims, make sure you are aware of the nuances between extreme and peaceful, between progressive and backward, between what’s misinterpreted and what’s actually meant.

Even though I write this article to create some form of understanding, logic and rationality, I know when it comes to Islam; however, no such logic will be allowed to prevail. The most horrible actions of the worst kind of extremists will be projected on most of the Muslims including myself.

If Islam were this horrific, this “barbaric faith” which some refer to it as, which has a kill “all non Muslims” mentality, which oppresses women because it can.

Would it have endured for 15 centuries?
With a following of 1.6 billion; still growing; still very relevant. Would it have been the source of strength and comfort for so many people if it were truly this violent ideology that calls for people to be "terrorists all the time"? What would you call a religion whose beliefs, practices and followers are being bashed and bad-mouthed in practically every sphere of activity, in almost every corner of the globe, yet it attracts ever-increasing numbers of people? A Paradox? A Miracle? Or simply, The Truth: Islam.

Ironically for a religion that is routinely bashed for “subjugating” and “oppressing” its female followers, the number of female reverts to Islam; outnumber the males 4:1!

The hate-mongers would probably say these women are forced to accept the faith because they are from X place.

What about women who are reverting to Islam in the WEST? Probably forced too …. Don’t think so!

Personally; people who use religion as a weapon to foster hatred should be red-carded.

Imagine if we all band together in hatred, what our children will be inheriting?