Various studies have revealed that the festive season and all it involves financially and emotionally is a primary cause of stress, affecting more women than men.

Avoid it.
Contrary to the festive mayhem you're used to, creating a stress-free environment this holiday season IS achievable.

Try these tips to lower your stress levels:

•  Don't start the festive season already tired and burnt-out. Take time out for yourself before the end-of-year madness begins and you'll feel better able to tackle everything.

•  Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

•  Reassess holiday traditions. Some traditions are meaningful, but others just cause unnecessary stress. Consider which ones, if any, need to be changed or dropped.

•  If family gatherings are stressful, avoid long visits.

•  Before you can even think of spending your bonus, work out all your expenses for January – and include food, transport costs and school uniforms. Plan to leave at least that amount in your account – or to be sure it isn't spent, draw out the money, put it in an envelope and hide it somewhere safe.

•  Serve foods that can be prepared ahead.

•  Keep your sense of humour!

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How do you ensure that your holidays are stress free? Share your tips with other readers in the box below.