Because of an inherent desire to please everyone around them, women often suffer remorse to a crippling degree. And as with any negative emotion; the burden of guilt can easily morph and become destructive.

Ask yourself these questions…
•    Do you blame yourself for the tiniest mishaps?
•    Do you feel responsible for other people’s happiness?
•    Do you have trouble forgiving yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our 5-step plan below is designed to help you…

Step 1: Admit to what you have done.
Because dealing with guilt is last on our list, many of us are tempted to blatantly ignore a situation or we’ll try to rationalize our mistake to justify our action.

Take responsibility -it’s an instant uplifter!

Step 2: Speak about what is bothering you.
One of the best and easiest ways to come to terms with guilt is to open up about it.

Step 3: Ask why?
Question the action that led you to this feeling of guilt. By coming to terms with your motives and reasoning, you will be better equipped to deal with the situation and less likely to repeat it.

Step 4: Apologise
Come clean and say sorry to the person or people whom you have wronged. State your case, ask for forgiveness and let it be – even if the situation cannot be absolved, you’ll feel a bit lighter.

Step 5: Acknowledge and accept
While your actions may not always be forgiven by others, the mere fact that you’ve addressed your misdoings means that you can move on knowing that you have grown from the experience.

How do you deal with conflict and emotions? Share your stories in the box below.