Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life something beautiful happens!

After my “double-whammy!” of retrenchments; I am so glad to give you feedback. I got offered a fixed term contract at a company.

So from stressed Saff to a more relieved Saff.

I am so fortunate to have only stayed home for about 3 weeks, until this light at the end of the tunnel shone through. Some people cannot find a job and it’s been years let alone weeks.

I have to truly thank my friend Caron. An amazing human being! It’s at times like this when we separate the genuine from the fake.

I am also glad to inform you, my trip is going ahead. I decided that I would go as planned. I did have mixed emotions about the trip. I had paid for the trip last year, yet the thought of going on holiday, facing not having a job on my return, scared me. How does one have a brilliant holiday knowing this dark cloud is following you.

Those close to me kept reminding me “It’s all paid for, just go don't cancel!”

I am so glad I listened and wasn’t headstrong as I normally am.... I don’t feel as guilty anymore as crazy as that sounds.

For some travel is part of life, but when you are a working class person, contemplating an overseas trip means sacrifice and lots of saving. This trip really could not have come at a time when hope seemed to have dipped a bit, and all I needed was that spark again.

Sometimes life knocks you down, but we just cannot stay down, we have to get up, dust ourselves off and keep moving. I have a childhood friend who has truly inspired me, she has been unemployed for a long time now, and she is raising her young son single-handed. I kept saying to myself, if she can do it and still have so much strength and perseverance.

I definitely can rise above this. She is always positive and never doubts that there is a plan in motion and soon her time will come. We have to keep going no matter what she says.

She is so right, we cannot go back, so all we do is move forward. No matter what the challenges are, I have already survived a lot of them. This will be a talking point a few years from now. It will have a positive and meaningful message. Life may not always be what you want it to be, it will probably be just an ordinary life, but life is always what you choose to make it, no matter what else might be going on.

 I have renewed determination, and I have made my choice to never go through that low again, no matter what life throws at me, I will live my life with more meaning and richness than ever before.

In my heart, I know why I went through this, and the experience is something money just can’t buy. Once in awhile right in the middle of an ordinary life something beautiful happens. You learn its not the end of the world, but just the beginning of something new. It may not be a new job or it may be.

It may be the realisation of who deserts you in your time of need and who doesn't or you getting to value your well-being and balance in life more than the quest for money. What ever that happening is that makes one sit back and re look at ones life, that's what makes it beautiful.

I have learnt to value those very few people who have been my support in fact I can count them on my one hand. Who listened to my endless babbling, to me sobbing uncontrollably, to me writing this piece right now. I have learnt invaluable lessons. There is a silver lining, we just have to look for it.
“ The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain that. Or the craziness inside myself and everyone else. But guess what? Sunday's my favorite day again.” Silver Linings Playbook.

As I stare at my calendar in front of me, the excitement mounts. I have exactly a month until my trip to Thailand. Can’t wait to experience the sights and sounds of Thailand.

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