Back to the kitchen?
Gretha Wiid thinks women should resume their wifely duties. Marianne Thamm says she can stuff herself...

Make mine chocolate please
Dorothy's thankful for her seat in the restaurant of life with more that just a choice of vanilla, vanilla or vanilla...

Words have repercussions
Sam Wilson looks at the abortion doctor murder, and the inherent warning it has for South Africans.

Still angry at FW?

After the results of a poll Lili Radloff finds out that some people still think SA’s transformation was a bad idea.

Where are our men?
With SA’s sky rocketing rape and abuse stats, Sam Wilson can’t help wondering, where the real men are…

I am an African
Lili Radloff finds out how to lose friends and alienate people. Well, English people.

Pastor Ray's Household Budget 101
Marianne Thamm can see it’s clear that President Zuma and his new best friend, Pastor Ray McCauley, have much more in common than their deep devotion to God.

Juju didn’t kill ET
Blaming the ANCYL for inciting race hatred is a bit rich coming from the AWB.

With Friends Like These

Is the 24-year-old alleged killer of Stellenbosch student, Erin van Rensburg, yet another example of how toxic South African masculinity is, asks Marianne Thamm?

What's God got to do with it?
Dorothy Black is perplexed by the religious and moralising folk who condemn premarital sex, homosexuality, transgenderism and so on...

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