I don't know whether it’s actually the lack of it or simply knowing when to use it.

Since writing my previous article on change: About wanting to make changes but being afraid which in my opinion very natural.
Both change and the fear that is.

“How brave am I?”

“How much of a scaredy cat, am I?”

I don’t believe that there is a universally brave or fearful person; we actually posses both...

Most people will deny this and say nothing scares me.... bring it on.

Actually let’s just push the envelope and bring it on with a reality check. Let’s see whether I can prove my “own theory” that we are all not 100% brave nor are we all 100% jelly-balls of fear.

I am fearful of many things, I love the love ocean, and I love a warm fireplace, yet. I'm afraid of almost all the powers in the natural world Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. I love fast cars, really fast cars, I have had the privilege of sitting in a few, brave enough to feel that adrenalin rush, yet I am also afraid of speed in certain forms. My son always wanted a motorcycle that freaked me out. I fear and will never ride the anaconda at Gold Reef City.

I am afraid of creepy crawlies in any form, shape or size, I have a phobia for spiders to the point I will run out of the house screaming like a bat out of hell just at the mere sight of one. Yet I was brave enough to explore caves in Thailand, without even thinking about what lurked in them.

I'm afraid of emotional confrontations. I'm afraid of drunk drivers. I'm afraid of jaywalking pedestrians. I'm afraid of debt in fact paranoid about incurring it... I'm afraid of taking a “learn to swim” class because I am a control freak.

I see toddlers walking towards a pool or dangerous area whilst the parents are engrossed on the phones or chatting, that scares me, I want to engage my superpowers just in case the toddler needs me.

I tend to say “PLEASE BE CAREFUL or BE SAFE” every time my son leaves home, or a loved one departs, I am fearful we might not see each other again. By any conceivable measure, that makes me a fearful person.

So what are you fearful about? What unnerves you? What scares you?

However, deny it as much as you want, you are there too. But I am not 100% fearful, because my BRAVE definitely has majority rule.

I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am not afraid to love even if my heart gets shredded into tiny bits, I will love with the tiny bits. I am not afraid to express myself creatively, if I want to paint my wall red, I will do it. I am not scared of meeting people you can be the president or a cleaner, it doesn’t scare me, humans just like me.

I am not afraid to try something new, an activity or a new taste. I am not afraid to take on a challenge, even if I lose, its fine. I will either learn from you, or you will learn from me.

We all get so encased in the idea of ourselves; we think this is our identity when we are either fearful or brave. We are never scared all the time or brave all the time. It’s a balance between the two. We not jelly every single minute, nor are we armoured 24/7.

I know people who freeze up just to go the enquiry counter to ask a simple question, they would rather ask someone to do it for them, and me, I am like, “get me on their Pager system”, I will page someone until we get assistance. On the flip side, I do have my shy moments; in certain situation I really go into a cocoon.

We all have that panic button, some hide it well, and others have it on their foreheads. We all have strengths as well, which come naturally to us. I am building on what comes naturally to me.

So I don’t go into a panic until faced with the situation, no one needs me for a stint on Discovery on finding spiders in the Amazon, so it would be idiotic for me to walk around expecting a spider to go “boo”.

I am just stockpile on courage in the areas which I know I can be the best and bravest. As for the fear factor stuff, I will deal with it, when and if it comes up. Maybe when my son buys a Ducati, and surprises me, I will need calmettes or a tranquiliser dart.

I think we go crazy about being BRAVE all the time. In fact it’s built in already, there just a few times in life where we have to pull out the big guns on bravery.

Like marriage.... takes a different kind of brave?

Divorce.... need I say anymore?

Second chance at love ...... here we need to take an extra dose of brave.

Giving birth when you can hear another woman’s shrilling cries as she delivers, and you lie there saying, I can do this.... she is a figment of my imagination.

We are brave every day, facing the world, life and challenges, or else we would all be locked up in our padded rooms, fearful to step out the box.

Every one of us knows when the moment comes to be brave and take that chance, because it might just change your life completely. When that moment comes — JUMP. The rest of the time, just relax. We need to conserve our courage for when it when it counts.

For all those who keep telling me to be brave, take that leap of faith, guess what, I have stepped up and pushed myself to take the frightening leap. I am about to JUMP!

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