When it comes to mean girls, I've often said that the worst kind out there, are those who disguise their viciousness under the guise of a smile.

Whether it's the backhanded compliment, the sly barb or the two-faced and vindictive chick, point is, there's far too many of them out there. And judging by the responses to Sam's newsletter last week - it seems that many of you know just what we're talking about.

Here are some of your responses:

Cheryl says:

The worst type of mean girl is the one that gives you the backhanded compliment and everyone hears the first part but not the slap in the face.

My sister in law is famous for doing that and then everyone thinks you’re the bitch.  The one she did to my daughter was:  "Gosh your hair is looking lovely and I can't believe how long it’s got - which everyone heard-  and as they turned away, she carried on, "you actually wouldn’t notice how fat you’ve gotten. "

My daughter just stood there, gobsmacked. When I told someone else in the family, I was told oh it would never have been intentional, even though she did it regularly.

Here's what Amy had to say:

Mean girls are the kind that don't tell you anything you should know, but instead try to get as much information from you as possible.

What's worse is that it's always the juicy info that could hurt you. They keep it stored up just in case they ever want to use it and make themselves feel better by making you feel like crap.

As for Tracy:

My mean girl flag, is someone who always one ups you in a conversation - I have a colleague and an acquaintance like that!!

Amanda's also no stranger to mean girls:

There's the classic "I don't mean to be [bitchy/rude/etc], BUT..."

And there's also the mean girl bitching about  what other women who do/wear/say XYZ, while knowing full well you do that too.

For example, she'll say "Gosh, look at that - I can't understand women who wear t-shirts and no makeup. It's really letting yourself go, don't you think? I mean, really, no effort at all."

Or "Erg, look at her - cornflower blue! It's such a hideous colour, don't you think?" (I wear a lot of blue, sometimes even cornflower blue).

There's one kind of mean girl that really gets on Sarah's nerves:

There's the classic mean girl flag that you missed out: My worst of all the horrid "mean-girl" flags, the "I wish so hard a bird would shit on your head right now" comment:

  *Tone of amazed disgust* "So you're still...." (with that guy, living in the same house, in that job, single etc)

As someone who is finishing a Masters degree - the one I always get is : " So you're still studying hey, gosh, when are you going to get a real job, and settle down?" - Yeah, I have a real job as well, and I earn more than you, you f*#$g dimwit.

What other kind of mean girls have you come across? Share them with us below so that we can learn to recognise and avoid them.