I personally think it’s a good idea not to buy booze on Sundays, at least I have sober drivers on a Monday and can report for work on time


Greetings Soon-To-Be-Sober-One,

We moved down to Ballito 6 years ago from Jo’burg. Imagine the shock I got finding out liquor stores closed at 5pm on a Saturday and weren’t open on Sundays(oh the horror)!

 I can’t tell you how many times I walked past the wine section in Spar wanting to grab the crowbar I’d hidden in my handbag and rip open those stupid little Trellidor-looking things!!!

Yet here I am, happy, with the new skill of how to stock up properly before the weekend.

Fortunately I don’t even have space in my house for more than 200 bottles of booze. I guess the one human trait that we all possess after all is the ability to adapt.

P.S.  You can order online at Makro AND they deliver so you don’t have to carry it up the stair yourself.


It is astoundingly stupid! You can still buy as much as you like on a Saturday to get pickled on a Sunday.

Or you can simply walk into any restaurant, even the family Spur, and get pissed there! So, you are simply inconveniencing people, or forcing them to go the illegal shebeen route, with NO discernible change to the end result.

Love and drinkies.


Welcome to the no alcohol sales on Sundays club.

I moved from Jhb to Durban and I was shocked to discover that alcohol sales stop at 5 o'clock on Saturdays and absolutely no alcohol sales on Sundays.

2 years later I literally stock alcohol at home so I don't run out on a Sunday or Saturday evening.

You must just be strong.


I agree with everything Lili said! It's absolute nonsense that they restrict when you can buy alcohol. It's not as if it's going to make you drink less!

True alcoholics will always make sure they have alcohol stocked up. It's the poor sods like me who realise, too late, that I don't have wine to pour into the chicken a la king.

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