Professor Preston Ni explains blame as “holding others responsible for our misfortunes. Some people cast their dysfunctional parents, negative relationships, socio-economic disadvantages, or other life hardships as the reason for their unhappiness and lack of success.”

 Instead of casting the responsibility to other people rather take action with the below expert tips to find your inner happiness.

1.  Acknowledge: This will help you understand that you’ve been hurt and get to the bottom of what’s causing you to blame other people.

2. Mourn: Accept that it was a hurtful situation, and that it mattered a great deal to you. Once you have accepted the situation as it is you can then look at yourself more honestly.

3. Confront: This gives you closure and healing, and helps you to know you’re responsible for your life. It is about you and your happiness after all so if it means some hard conversation with the people involved or yourself need to be had. Then do it so you can be free.  

4. Let it go: Letting go is another step of healing. It allows you to be free and find parts of you that make you happy instead of focusing on the negative and hurt that comes with blame and resentment.

5. Move on: Take back the power to be responsible for your life and focus on positive things. Moving on allows you to make a life well lived in spite of the imperfections.

So let go of the blame and start building a happy filled life.