This word tends to get used by people trying their best to sound smart, but more often than not has the opposite effect.

Why someone felt the need for the unnecessary addition to the word – I really don’t know, but apparently ‘regardless’ didn’t quite have it all covered.

And when you consider that the prefix ‘ir’ and the suffix ‘less’ both mean the same thing, thus canceling each other out, what you’re really saying is ‘with regard to’.

Yup, the opposite of what you meant….

Irregardless of what you say I’m going dancing!


Could there be a better word than ‘like’ for filling those awkward gaps in your sentences while you’re thinking of a fitting word? If you’re not a teenage girl then the answer is yes.

If you find it hard to stop saying ‘like’, here’s a tip: Try thinking before you speak.

It’s not, like, very professional you know and your boss could, like, get mad and fire you, so you better stop.


I used to like this word. A few teen movies and TV shows later, however, and everybody thinks something is awesome and just has to use the word in every other sentence.

But a grilled cheese sandwich is NOT awesome. That party last Friday was NOT awesome. And getting ice-cream cake on your birthday is NOT awesome. (Okay ice-cream cake is a little awesome.)

Now landing someone on the moon, that’s awesome – it inspires awe, which is a more than we can say for that grilled cheese sandwich.

OMG, Becky, that hair band is awesome!

Acronyms, abbreviations and other atrocities

That’s right, all of them.

Maybe you think you’re totes cool because you say amazeballs, but you’re not. Neither is it cool (or even okay) to say deets, YOLO, LOL, OMG, frenemies, adorbz, SWAG or any of the others (if you know what I mean then I’m talking to you…).

LOL me and Jenna and are such frenemiesJK she’s totes adorbz! Translation: “Please shoot me.”


You know what’s really ironical? Nothing. Nothing is ironical, because ironical is not a word.

It sounds a bit like an ironic/comical hybrid, but ‘ironical’ is one of the many words people in the 21st century stopped using some time ago – like poetical, or whither…

It’s ironic that my high school English teacher taught me the word ironical at all.

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