So by now you know how to  make your CV glitzy and glam, and how to impress your (hopefully) future employer.

But, have you ever thought of what to leave off your CV? There are some things that no one should know, especially a possible boss!

Like the fact that you were captain of the under 14 C girl’s cricket team. Or that you were given the award for never missing a day of school…in Grade one. Just don’t do it!

Here’s a  list of no-no’s when it comes to compiling a stellar CV:

1.    You were head girl in Primary School

Or chairman of the chess club in Grade 4, or just about anything that happened in Primary school.

It was more than 10 years ago and certainly holds no significance to the position you’re applying for now, so don’t waste space (and your future employer’s time) by adding unimportant details to an otherwise impressive CV.

2.    You waitressed at Spur

Unless you’re applying for another waitressing position, or something similar, it really doesn’t matter that you used to run tables at your local diner. Scrap it.

3.    Your photo

This isn’t Facebook. Or a beauty contest. They don’t care what you look like – unless you’re applying for a stripping position.

4.    Your Twitter handle
No one wants to read your little rants about the long queues at SARS, or see your pictures of the sunset. It’s unprofessional, unless you’re applying for a social media or journalist position, that is.

5.    Your ID number

Seriously, this isn’t a home loan application form.

Keep in mind that your interviewer doesn’t want to read pages and pages of information that has nothing to do with your capabilities and the job in question. Keep it simple and elegant, and if you have doubts about leaving something off, don’t ignore your gut feeling.

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