As a total germaphobe, I don’t appreciate people spreading their germs.  This means that if you are sick, I (and the rest of the workforce) would appreciate it if you kept your flu/bug/virus to yourself.

At home.  Away from the rest of us. 

Few things are as unpleasant as having to hear someone lose their lunch.  I swear if I have the misfortune of being exposed to this I make a point of using toilets on another floor.  For the rest of the day.

Nobody is so incredibly important that they have to come to work when they are dreadfully ill.  You CAN delegate.  You can make other arrangements.

It is actually selfish to rock up like a martyr (whilst looking like death warmed up) before spreading your illness to those around you.

The message is clear “my job is more important than yours – I don’t care if I make you sick” or “as long as my work gets finished, I’ll be happy – good luck to you if you catch this”.

Some companies have a reward system for not taking sick leave.  Great in theory except you get those who once they have been off sick one day make sure they cash in on more days to make up for losing their reward.

Then you get those that rock up looking like they are about to expire, make all those around them sick because they are adamant they will get their extra leave.  Come hell or high water, they will get extra days leave.

It is incredibly selfish.

Thanks to that attitude how many other staff members will lose their extra leave reward?

I’m no expert but if you think you are the most important person at the office, go in sick, spread your illness to those around you, then you are actually being counter-productive.

If you sit in a small space with say 5 other people and all of them catch whatever you have, not all of them are going to be able to go in.  Some people actually prefer to recover at home as opposed to grossing out everyone else at the office.

Those that do come in, will make even more staff sick as they come into contact with them during the day.

Why do so few people think this way?  It is obvious that the health and wellbeing of others means nothing to some people.

Are you guilty of coming in to work when you're sick?

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