Coming back to work after a nice relaxing break isn’t fun for any of us (including me, and I love my job!), but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think…

So the back to work blues have struck with a vengeance and you’re sitting at your desk wondering where the heck your holiday got to, but that feeling of doom and gloom doesn’t have to stay…. Check out the following tips to help kick the back to work blues to where they belong!

1. It might sound a bit soon, but planning your next little holiday can really take the edge off work. Whether it’s a long weekend or just a public holiday (of which we’ve got quite a few in the beginning of the year) planning your next break gives you something to look forward to and can re-energise you quicker than you’d think.

2. Speaking of holidays, why don’t you bring some of the memories you made while on vacation to work? Remind yourself that there’s more to life than the 9 to 5 by decorating your workspace with photos or mementos from your holiday.

3. Get organised. Usually this is number one on any list that I make but because we don’t really feel like work just yet I’ll make a concession.

However, getting organised is one of the most effective things to do when you need a clear idea of where you are, what needs doing and by when, so type up a little list, set your goals and take it from there.

4. Learn something new. There are few better ways to get excited about your job than really getting good at it, so make this the year you learn the new skills you want, attend the training courses that would best suit you and advance your career as a result.

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