It’s a touchy subject, but if your company doesn’t increase your salary on an annual basis it could be time to ask for a raise.

Some of the most awkward conversations we can have are about money, especially when we’re asking for more, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be asking.

Follow these dos and don’ts when asking for a raise to help smooth over the process


Research average salaries of people in your line of work with the same amount of experience as you.

Prepare yourself and your manager for the conversation by scheduling an appointment with him or her to discuss it. Prepare yourself with supporting data and prepare yourself mentally for the meeting.

Discuss these matters in person and in private.

Bring evidence of your achievements made for the company with you, including new customers brought in, sales figures achieved or targets surpassed.

Ask for an increase in salary if you have not received an increase in one or two years, or if your responsibilities have increased with no mention of additional remuneration.


Be unprepared when discussing money matters. Ensure you have all the relevant data and information that may be required of you.

Ask for a salary increase too soon into a new job or position.

Force an answer from your manager or rush the decision, you’re more likely to get a “No” this way.

Discuss matters involving increases etc. over email. You might not be a people-person but discussing the possibility of a raise warrants you to actually meet with your manager in person.