You’ve probably already figured out a few of your own techniques for persuading people to say yes (or at least not say no), like not posing your question at an inconvenient time (when the other person is busy) or at an obviously bad time (like just after another employee has been disciplined for being late).

But what about the more subtle techniques we can employ to get people to say yes?

Here are a few you can try:

1. Lead with a compliment

Nothing puts people in a better mood than a good compliment.

If you want to get someone to say yes to you, start by complementing them. Not only does this make the person feel good about themselves but people also tend to try to find a way to reciprocate compliments.

Saying yes to your request may be the way in which they appease you.

2. Scarcity

If you work in sales you may already have figured this one out, but people go gaga over limited editions.

The reason for this is that when there are only a few of something available, in our minds its value skyrockets. Creating a sense of scarcity around your request (e.g. limited time periods etc.) can be the driving force behind the customer saying yes.

3. Because

Next time you want someone to do something, try telling them why using the word ‘because’.

I need that report on my desk by 12 o’clock because I have a deadline with management.

Research shows that when trying to accomplish something, e.g. skipping the line to the front of the copier, using the word ‘because’ in your request in almost any variation has a higher success rate than without using it.

4. Everyone is doing it!

We’re all unique in our own separate ways and all have our own individual ways of thinking. Unless everyone else is thinking differently to us, in which case we’re more than happy to go with the flow.

People like to do what everyone else is doing. If you can show the person you’re trying to persuade how everyone else feels about the decision, it might just make up his or her mind.

5. Authority

Sometimes all you need to do is work on your assertiveness and confidence to get people to go your way. People like to hear things from someone who knows what he/she is talking about, so do you homework and make sure you DO know what you’re talking about, then practice your self-confidence and delivery.

This tip works especially well in the sales arena.

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