Everyone whines about his or her boss from time to time. But dealing with a truly incompetent boss is frustrating and downright exhausting.

Here are three strategies to help handle the situation:

1. Have empathy.
Resist the temptation to demonize, and try to see things from your boss's perspective. Perhaps she is under extreme pressure from her superior. Or, maybe he is still learning the skills to do his job. No-one is born a great leader or manager so rather that whining about it, focus on your boss's strengths and imagine yourself in their (probably highly uncomfortable) shoes.

Now that you've stepped away and (hopefully) calmed down a little, think about how to maximise your boss's strengths.

2. Create boundaries.

Don't let the circumstances get you down. Put up psychological limits so that your boss's incompetence doesn't negatively impact your health or well-being.

Also learn to differentiate between feedback about your work and criticism about you. It's not the same thing.

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3. Move on.

This is a tough one. But when you've tried focusing on the positive, had a tough sit down with them or really feel that it's not working, then the problem may be a bad fit with the company culture.

If all else fails, consider looking for a transfer to a new boss or a new employer. Don't suffer needlessly.

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Think we're being too harsh? If you've been in the situation before but found more ways of "managing up", share your tips with us below.