I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so delighted by an imminent long weekend. It’s been so crazy busy that I’ve decided I’m not going anywhere or making any plans to see anyone – I am just looking forward to lying around doing NOTHING.

In fact, it will take all my self-control not to start this “doing nothing” business prematurely. Prematurely as in at work today…

While I’m going to do my level best to have a productive day, I believe it’s my duty to lead you lovelies into temptation. This is why I’m dedicating this to all the fun things you can do on the internet tomorrow at work to help get you through the pre-long weekend Thursday.

For laughs I can always count on DamnYouAutoCorrect. And here’s a list of the best ones. It’s a bit PG 18, but completely by mistake and that’s what makes it funny. 

I also love browsing through our real wedding galleries. It’s romantic and sweet and really, really personal.

When I’m feeling mean the Worst Dressed at the Oscars, EVER always cheers me up. In fact, I love most of our Worst Dressed galleries. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who makes fashion faux pas every now and then. That’s also why I just adore the Fug Girls. Seriously, if you’re into fashion or even if you’re not, you HAVE to go and visit GoFugYourself. Speaking of which, while you’re at it you might check out what not to wear to work. For trips down memory lane The Saddest Fictional Deaths make me both happy and sad.

If you’re having a bad day, check out The Cutest Things That Ever Happened. If that doesn’t fix you, try The 30 Happiest Facts of All Time. How much better do you feel now?

And reading and forwarding our insulting, but very hilarious horrorscopes to your friends will kill at least half an hour over lunch. Just make sure they have a sense of humour, before you send it!

Or do a quiz! I love quizzes and we have a few cool ones here.

Make sure your boss isn’t peering over your shoulder before you read this steamy extract from the latest erotic fiction book, Folly. And while he or she isn’t looking, check out the worst office personalities.

Do you have small kids? Why don’t you check out these cool décor ideas for Easter? And enjoy some food porn with these awesome Easter recipes over at Food24.

Okay! I hope you’re severely distracted now.

How do you like to waste time at work?