Being an international model was it difficult to see your body change when you became pregnant? How have you dealt with your post-pregnancy body? Do you have any tips for getting back into shape after giving birth?

To be honest, I completely embraced what was happening to my body during my pregnancy... It was post pregnancy where I had to battle the self-confidence bug. It takes time to get back into shape (especially when you've just had a baby and technically have no free time). I travelled to England six weeks after I had Luke so I had to be very disciplined with my eating plan as I didn't have too much time to myself for gym. Best thing though is to eat well, gym when you can, sleep when you can and try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

How has having children changed your life and career?

Life is crazy busy! From a work perspective, certain things changed. I don't quite have as much time to work as hard or as much as I used to but I feel very well balanced. We travel every year to England for Neil's cricket so life is pretty nonstop but I love it!

Is it difficult splitting your life between South Africa and London? Do you see yourself coming back to South Africa permanently one day?

It can be pretty tough going backwards and forwards to England every year, especially as the kiddies start getting older. Luke will be starting "big school" next year which complicates issues somewhat so from next year we have to assess school terms and holidays and work it out from there. We'll be back permanently soon, although I get very itchy feet - the travel bug always bites!

After spending so many years in the modelling industry, what would you say to your daughter becoming a model? Would you support her or are you wary of the industry?

I've been asked this question many times actually and if Riley came up to me before she was 16, I would say no... Thereafter, I would allow her the opportunity to try and then decide for herself. I would be very present though as my mom was with me!

What is it like to be in the same industry as your sister? Have you two worked together before?

Oh, yes. Tracy and I have worked together quite a few times and they were always really fun days! Funny enough, the closest thing to sibling rivalry we have was borrowing each other's clothes without asking... We fully support one another and have never really felt like we were in "competition" with each other. I'm proud of all my family, one in a million!

Tell us about your career at the moment? Where can we look out for you/ expect to see you in the near future?

It's winter at home and I'm in England so I take this time of the year off, so to speak. Summer and season are on their way and I'll happily get back into the swing of things and enjoy spending time in Cape Town; I always do quite a lot of modelling then... I have the Brut campaign on TV right now I believe, so keep a look out for it! I am also involved in an antibullying campaign and do work with Children's Charity Foundation among others.

What advice would you give to young girls hoping to start a modelling career?

My advice to young girls is first and most importantly, only do what lies within your comfort zone. Be yourself and  try not to take it personally (when castings don't go your way). Remember that most of the time it doesn't happen overnight! Finish school! The glitz and glamour you see is a very small margin of the reality of this job. It's hard work. The experiences can be incredibly rewarding so stick it out, as long as you're happy though of course.

If you could write a letter to yourself when you were younger, what would you say?

Dear Kerry,
Listen to your mother!
Kind regards,

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