You’ll never find ‘destination happiness’ if you don’t know where it is, what it looks like or what your expected time of arrival should be.

So, in order to get there, why not draw up a “career map” to establish where your work is taking you, how you are going to get where you want to be, and how you’ll find ultimate success and happiness.

The mapping process gives employers and employees the opportunity to openly discuss the job role, what they would like to achieve, and how they will know when they have reached their objectives on an ongoing basis.

Employees should work a number of elements into their maps:

•    Roadworks – upskilling programmes to improve their skills. Such programmes may include time management courses, personal development growth or opportunities to upskill.

•    Fuel stops – short term objectives that will contribute to the overall objectives and can be reached in a week or a month. “Awarding employees with verbal or tangible recognition will motivate them to achieve further objectives, whilst cementing their commitment to the organisation,” says Bentley.

•    Carpooling – an arranged meeting where teams or departments will meet to discuss their individual challenges and perhaps get advice from the group on a better route of getting to where they need to be, or engage in a ‘lift club’ where others can assist in return for help on their particular projects.

These career maps should be discussed regularly, depending on your job, in the form of a performance appraisal where both employer and employee address the same set of questions and go through their answers together.

All staff, from admin to management should be given the opportunity to make these plans and to discuss them during their employee review meetings.

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