The Whiner

“Guys, I am having the worst day ever,” she says as you’re trying your hardest to forget about the bad morning you had.

“I got stuck in traffic,my aircon broke and I’m just really fed up.” Yes, and we’re fed up with your first world problems.

Solve it: Tell her politely that it’s not as bad as she thinks it is and that you’re also not having a great day. Maybe she just needs reminding that everything doesn’t revolve around her.

The Gossiper

She always has a story about who did what, and where. Chances are, if she’s talking about other people, she’s probably talking smack about you too. Don’t get involved, ever.

Solve it: Tell her it makes you uncomfortable to talk about your colleagues behind their backs. Hopefully that will shut her up for good.

The non-stop talker

She feels the need to tell you every little detail about her life, and really doesn’t know when to stop. She probably doesn’t realise that she’s doing it, but it can become rather irritating, especially if you’re trying to concentrate on work.

Solve it: Tell her that you can’t concentrate if she keeps on chatting. Try to stall her by saying “Hey, let’s chat at lunch time”.

The Bitch

You crack a silly joke, but she stares back at you blankly. Or, she’s the one that will make a sarcastic comment about what you’re wearing.

The worst? When she says “Wow, you look tired today!” as if she’s trying to be nice, but actually she means “Wow, you look like crap today!”

Solve it: Just ignore her if she’s being grumpy, and tell her that she’s rude when she’s being bitchy. That’s the only way to deal with crazy biatches like these. Fight fire with fire!

The suck up

She blows smoke up your boss’s behind, but complains and rolls her eyes whenever he/she isn’t looking.  This makes you look like a grumpy slacker, when you’re actually the one doing your work!

Solve it:
Although you don’t have to be a total suck up, it doesn’t hurt to invite your boss out for coffee and talk about something other than work. And, eventually, your colleague will tire of always being fake.


She may or may not be in a higher position than you are, but she always takes it upon herself to boss you around and tell you what work to do.

And, if you don’t agree with her, she guilts you into doing what she wants. Sometimes she’s even mean about you behind your back.

Solve it:
Take a stand. Make it clear that you’re not her lapdog. You don’t have to be mean or rude, but if this makes your job unbearable, maybe it’s time to start looking in the classifieds.