Five tips for employers from Thandi Masupye, owner of Thandi G Placement Agency for Domestic Workers.

1. Don't employ someone off the streets. Even if friends and family recommend that person, you still have to interview that person.

2. Create a job description. Discuss, agree and write down the duties you expect your domestic worker to perform.

3. Introduce your new employee to your home environment. Show her how you want things done and set timeframes for her to get used to the new system.

4. Provide tools and resources. You cannot expect clean laundry if there's no detergent for the washing.

5. When a misunderstanding occurs, deal with the problem immediately. It's no use telling your friends what your domestic worker did wrong – to fix the problem, you have to address her directly.

Useful contacts

  • Johannesburg
    Au Pair Exclusive 011 624 2741
    Choice Child Care 011 787 2528
  • Cape Town
    Super Sitters 021 439 4985,
    Mary Poppins College and Placement Services 021 674 6689,
  • Durban
    Complete Child Care
    MAID 4 Me