1.    Spiralling debt

Even though she had accounts to pay, this reader resigned from her job which resulted in a backlog of debt. Even more, she took out a loan on her parents's behalf. Now, her finances are a mess. How should she start fixing it?

Our expert suggests a plan of action, and points out the two big lessons this reader can learned.

2.    Careless spending

Hey big spender, are you often broke before the next pay day? This reader has exactly the same problem – even though she is earning well. The problem lies with her budget, credit card, clothing accounts and small "treats" that add up during the month.

Our expert, Charne van der Walt, offers her this quick 4-step plan.

3.    Trying to buy a car whilst under debt review

This reader has just bagged a new job which requires her to have a car. But is this allowed whilst she is still under debt review? And is it a good idea?

Here's the advice she received from our expert.

4.    Paying debt by creating more debt

Our reader wants to take out a personal loan to pay off her credit card and clothing accounts. It seems like this will help her save money. But is it a good idea in the long run?

Charne offers an example which illustrates that she could land up in deeper debt trouble in the long-term.

5.    Not planning for the future

Other than medical aid and life insurance, our reader wants to know what other long-term financial plans she should have.

Our expert gives her the low down on Retirement Annuities and where to find a financial advisor.

Have another pressing money matter? Ask Charne van der Walt for help.

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