Indianna Harris, founder of second hand boutique NiceFinds, and an avid fashion up-cyclist , shares her top five tips to getting a new wardrobe:

Swap, don’t shop:

Swapping clothes is a fun way of giving your wardrobe a quick, free, make-over. It costs nothing, helps you spring clean your home or closet and is a frugal way of acquiring ‘new things’ without the price tag.

To host a swapping party, simply invite a few friends around, ask them to bring gently used items they no longer use and enjoy swapping for some new outfits.

Care for what you’ve got:

Nothing ruins a look quicker than a hanging hem thread, a loose button or a creased shirt. And while an investment into quality items such as jackets and jeans can be good, you can, and should, also maintain these as seasons change.

Why not learn how to sow a button and give an old jacket a new look or learn how to make your own scarves and accessories? Remember to always read the labels to ensure you care for your items properly when washing and ironing. Ironing garments on the reverse side also prevents them from becoming shiny. Clever maintenance and a small investment of time can go a long way in keeping your wardrobe in style and intact.

Try something new:

There are no limits to creative ways of wearing what you’ve got in your cupboard. Try different combinations from time to time. Use a nice scarf as a belt or head piece or try out different vintage looks with some of your old items.

Charity shops:

If you find yourself often snooping around for bargains, then charity shops are the way to’s nothing quite like a nice find. And don’t be scared, someone once loved that top or jersey, just pop in the wash when you get home and it’s as good as new.

Copy craft people:

If you’re really running out of ideas or feeling uninspired, there are numerous good places to find unique fashion ideas that won’t cost you a cent. Try or

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