With movements like #MeToo, and Times Up, the voices of women across the world have been unsilenced and women empowerment has become a headlined topic. With everyone in on the conversation, women empowerment has gained a lot of traction, but how do we define it?  

“When we speak about how women should get their voices heard, one of the biggest things is standing together as a collective and creating a collective consciousness as women,” says Kim Naidoo, one of this week’s panellists on A Seat at the Table.

The new W24 video series, A Seat at The Table, is a ten-part series that invites three different women from three different generations to share their opinions about various topics around a table. Hosted by W24 editor Zanele Kumalo, each episode of this series focuses and unpacks a unique theme that women across the board can relate to.

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The ninth episode of this series explored the full-faceted topic of women empowerment and the panellists for this week’s episode included Kim Naidoo, a digital marketer and Future Female City ambassador; Dineo Bodibe, a marketing manager; and Tammy Menton, a marketing and brand manager.

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