The W24 video series, A Seat At the Table, is a ten-part series that invites three different women from three different generations to share their opinions about various topics around a table. Hosted by W24 editor Zanele Kumalo, each episode of this series focuses and unpacks a unique theme that women across the board can relate to.

The 10th, and last, episode of this series shines the spotlight on hair and the panelists include Taryn Gill, the founder of The Perfect Hair; Deborah Chambers, model and pro-ageing ambassador; and Rhandzu Makamu, public health student and The Perfect Hair ambassador. 

Hair is such a powerful symbol of identity and it can compliment a person’s personality in so many ways. But many our panellists admit that it can take years to become comfortable with your natural hair. In this week’s episode, they walked us through their own journeys of self-acceptance.

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