Every now and again the Women24 team sees something online that makes us go: "Wait, what?!"

This is the beauty of the internet, from Photoshop fails to celeb beauty and hair disasters; we are constantly entertained.

Here are 5 of our favourite fashion and beauty fails discovered online:

1. Last year, we were completely shocked to see that one retailer took it upon themselves to create the world's leggiest woman. Seriously, we've never seen humans this tall. And yes, of course everything will look nice on someone this tall and slender. Remember this Photoshop disaster?

2. Then, sometimes we just cringe and shake our heads at some of the ridiculous, nay utterly insane, things people do to their faces and bodies. Remember when this Korean model became so obsessed with getting more surgery that she ended up injecting cooking oil into her face? Yes, we know.

Image: Tumblr

Like, Miss J, we just couldn't.

3. Luckily, we have celebs to amuse us throughout these dark times. Their hair and makeup can sometimes, well, be rather questionable. Tyra Banks is a particularly noteworthy one and even Janet Jackson knows the pain that comes with a less-than-red-carpet-worthy makeup look.

4. Then immediately we go back to sad. Yes, when we think about that time women were basically told that their vaginas were, well, too fat. Argh! U.S. retailer Target's Photoshop fail had us in a frenzy of expletives.

5. Lastly, one of our favourite things to watch, yes we are a little bit twisted at times, is models falling on the runway. This is a bit cruel, we know, and perhaps it brings us too much joy, but luckily most of these models handles their tumbles, with a lot of grace.

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