Jackie Burger is an undeniable force. She has been for many years. Her style, soft-spoken witty demeanour and sense of what women want, desire and admire has lead her to creating the perfect experience for women. Salon58 is a place for gathering, for celebrating and for learning.

As you arrive in the beautiful space that is the P.J. Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch, you are immediately immersed in art and beauty. Every soiree or gathering is truly an awakening of all the senses.

Reasons why every woman should attend Salon58, at least once:

1. The women; and the bubbles

"It's never too early for champagne," says one of the friendly hostesses as I arrive at 10am on a Saturday. She gestures towards the elegant installation bar where there are beautiful vintage bubbly flutes on display, filled with delectable Graham Beck 0% sugar bubbles - I grab one and start to mingle. Women of all ages, walks of life and talents gather here. Friends, mothers and daughters and total strangers indulge in the treats on offer.

2. The conversation

Every soiree or gathering has a different theme. The one I attended was called "Bare". The bare essentials of skincare, fashion and make-up, as well as food were celebrated, shared and workshopped. As you sit in the most beautiful, yet-simply decorated room, you enjoy more bubbles and salted-caramel macarons. This is not a day to say no.

Jackie Burger welcomes everyone and the conversations starts. We start with Kiehl's and their undeniably wonderful range of products. We then move to a conversation on enhancing natural beauty with M.A.C Cosmetics. Their witty make-up artist shows us how to achieve the perfect minimalist glow.

After a "puff and powder" break, we enjoy a bare essentials fashion workshop. Who better to teach us than Jackie Burger? From wide-legged black trousers, to the classic trench, denim jacket and white and Breton striped-shirt; the admirable Burger and friend, Maybe Corpaci (Elle SA's beauty ed), walk us through the classic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Lastly, we explored the sense of smell. Santa Maria Novella is the oldest perfumery in the world, set in Florence, Italy. The delightful and utterly stylish Michele Pretorius, who runs their store in Cape Quarter, walked us through the exquisite range of fragrances. With base notes of violet, jasmine and amber, you are sure to fall in love with more than one of these unique scents. The rosewater, stunningly bottled in glass, was my absolute favourite. Burger mentioned that she uses it as a toner. Once I get my hands on this extraordinary product, I think I might just do the same. That smell is unforgettable.

3. The food

Chanelle Schoon of bread heaven, Schoon De Companje created a lunch feast. Alwijn Burger, better known as Blomboy transformed the venue with stunning decor and flowers. We dined on various bread types, salmon cured with salt, coriander and Italian tea provided by Santa Maria Novella, infused cheeses, eggs and dark chocolate terrine. The bubbles, of course, continued to flow. 

4. The shopping experience

After the feast, you can explore the pop up shop selling Jackie Burger's edit of the products viewed throughout the day, from the fragrances to the Nine West heels shown during the fashion workshop. 

5. The escape

It's truly an extraordinary place and experience that you can easily treat yourself to. Go alone. Do this just for yourself or treat your mom. I loved how open everyone was, open to conversation and open to learning from each other.

Fashion designer Lara Klawikowski sketching the soiree guests.

For more info on Salon58, visit their website.

All images: Niquita Bento