Food tastes better
Ever experience a Woolies organic apple? It’s bigger, crunchier, sweeter and all-round better than the rest, thanks to the top-quality soil that it’s been produced in.

Food is more nutritious
It’s a proven fact that organically grown produce offers more sustenance – vitamins, minerals and etc - than their chemically-treated counterparts.

Promotes a healthy eco-system
We’ve all heard about the brutality and inhumanness that is currently taking place on farms. Organic farmers, by law and principle, treat their animals – and surroundings – with the greatest care, thereby promoting a hale and hearty eco-system.

It’s chemical-free
When going organic, you are guaranteed that all produce are grown and harvested in a safe and natural environment that is completely pesticide-free. And why should this info make you happy?  Well, your risk of ingesting chemicals associated with diseases such as cancer is significantly reduced!

Making a difference
Our eco-system is in crisis and one way to reduce your carbon footprint - and to set an example for your kids - is by choosing organically-produced items. If you’re not doing anything to protect the future of our planet yet, then start by going organic. Think of it as your gateway to making a difference!

Setting an example
Not only are you protecting your children from the harmful effects that additives may have on their sensitive immune systems, but going organic also means that you’re taking responsibility for their future and leading by example.

And the bonus...

You won’t wake-up with a hangover

According to this Daily Mail report, drinking organic wine is less likely to bring about a roaring hangover because they’re virtually free of sulphur dioxide, a preservative known to cause headaches and one that is used in most non-organic wines.

Have you switched to organic foods? Will you? Share your thoughts – or add to this list – in the box below.

*This piece roused an interesting debate. Read why Chris McEvoy thinks it's a pile of crap and Andreas Späth's response