Blood Safari by Deon Meyer (Hodder Paperback)
Deon Meyer is a South African crime-thriller writer, whose books sell well all over the world, and with good reason. He writes in Afrikaans, but his books have been translated into 20 languages.

I had heard of the writer before, but Blood Safari is the first time I had read one of his books. I now join the ranks of Deon Meyer fans. I could not put it down, and was at times quite breathless as I found myself reading faster and faster, to keep up with the story.

It is a fast-paced thriller that would appeal to any reader from anywhere in the world, but what made it more special to me is that I have been to most of the places it is set in. It was such a treat reading scenes set in places that I know well, it made the mind-picture all the more vivid. The characters, especially Lemmer, feel so familiar, because they are so South African.
Woven into the story, but not overtaking the plot, are typical South African themes, such as politics, South African history, and information on vultures, snakes and wild animals. These add a local backdrop to a story that is universal: one of intrigue, tension, betrayal, murder and retribution. Throw in some romantic and sexual tension and you have a wonderful read that will appeal to almost anyone!

Lemmer is a bodyguard, a man with a past. He is hired by Emma le Roux, who is looking for answers about her brother, who supposedly died 20 years ago, but may not be dead at all. When she starts asking questions, she gets more that she expects. Soon they are on a trip through game reserves and farms in the Hoedspruit area.

Their lives are in danger, and Lemmer has to deal with a past he would rather forget, and a future he had never envisioned...

When I mentioned the book to a friend, she suggested that next time I read one of his books in the Afrikaans that he writes it in. I think that is a great idea. I cannot wait!

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