Mr Mercedes by Stephen King (Hodder & Stoughton)
There is always much excitement when it comes to a new Stephen King.

After keeping us in a King-drought for some years after his novel 11.22.63; he then hit us hard with the long awaited sequel to The Shining, with Doctor Sleep; and now Mr Mercedes, which side steps King’s usual style of horror/paranormal genre.

In Mr Mercedes, King certainly shows us that he deserves the title King of Fiction.

Imagine a Mercedes ploughing through a line of job seekers one cold morning…

So begins Mr Mercedes. Newly retired and decorated Detective Hodges adjusts to his now dull and lackluster life after a life time of fighting crime and taking down mafia bosses. His new life is the type of life that makes him think that shoving a gun in his mouth sounds like a treat.

All retired detectives seem to have some unsolved cases, and the Mercedes Killer case bubbles to the surface when Hodges receives a letter from the killer himself.

Brady is living with his semi-comatose and alcoholic mother. His greatest achievement so far was driving a stolen Mercedes into a line of unemployed men and women, killing hundreds. Now it seems he is growing bored, and he decides to rub salt into the wound by taunting Detective Hodges.

Hodges grows hungry and begins to follow the lead, and as the case starts to unwind, new clues begin to pop up; especially since the Mercedes killer is getting sloppy. But Hodges better work fast because Brady has a plan that will make the Mercedes Murder look like child’s play.

The great thing about this thriller novel is that you already know who the killer is. The not so great thing about this novel is that the plot plods - an old woman on a Zimmer frame kind of plod. I felt that it was vastly differing from King’s usual style of writing.

However, it’s not to say he completely failed his fans with this one, but, and it’s a big BUT, King treats the reader to great characterisation and you’re bound to be left hungrily gobbling the story up.

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