If you think about it, Die Antwoord is essentially the Lady Gaga of South African music, so it's no surprise that they've finally waded into fashion waters. I'm amazed no other designers have thought of featuring the duos in their campaigns, actually.

The Zef rappers spit out their single "Fatty Boom Boom" whilst wearing Alexander Wang's cartoonish tops in this 1 minute clip for Spring/Summer 2012.

See Ninja and Yolandi Vi$$er in action:

One can't help but notice that the clothes wouldn't have looked out of place in "Enter the Ninja".

The duo sure does clean up nicely, although the campaign could have been more risqué if the end result had been as grungy as Die Antwoord's latest single "I Fink U Freeky". Now that would be something creative enough to freshen up the avant garde fashion scene.

Which other designers could Die Antwoord represent in the future?